The fun never stops

Today this nice couple checked in.  They came in a van pulling a small trailer behind the van.  There was this little thing on the trailer. Once it was safely stowed away between the cottages, I called Marc to see it


Marc is scratching his head, hehe

 and this

Ty is already looking on Ebay to see if he can snap up one of these little King Midgets. He wants a racy one with a shnazzy paint job so he can drive it to school, lol.

These nice folks parked that sweet little car in the wrong spot so I had to write them a parking ticket; they thought that was too funny.

Parking ticket

The very first parking ticket ever handed out at the Wayfarer

See the car do it’s thing

2 thoughts on “The fun never stops

  1. Ha, now we will have to call you Iris the enforcer!

    What a cute little car!!

  2. I have been called “parking lot Nazi” 😯

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