A busy day at the Wayfarer

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for Mike. He had planned to and did prune the bushes out front.  All had been finished blooming this year!

Last year he couldn’t wait and didn’t pay attention to the season 😯
(don’t ask me why)
Suddenly one day I looked up and the bushes and trees had been trimmed before we all had a chance to see them in bloom.

Ummm….let’s just say that he is paying attention to such mundane things now, heh!
Yup, Bear and Mike hard at work ;)

Yup, Bear and Mike hard at work 😉

click on the thumbnails to see the bigger picture

The Cutest Cottage in Frankfort

Remember when I said I’d write about my favorite cottage a while ago?

I went to talk to the lady who lives there.  Her name is Mary; we had been introduced once before so we got re-acquainted last week. She was thrilled that I wanted to take pictures of her home – she was so gracious, gave me a quick tour and even showed me into her backyard, where her 3 dachshunds were waiting to get their tummies scratched 😉

Here now are the pictures of the dollhouse


And now for something completely different:

It is hot today –  80 degrees.
I want to be at the North Pole or the South Pole or sit in my freezer.
Any temperature over 70 degrees makes me feel like a Red Snapper in a pot of bouillabaisse.

Things are good around here though and I don’t have to perspire too much because I have help cleaning the cottages now.  Real help who is happy to be here and she does a great job!

A Special Day

Today was a special day.  I had a special visitor.  I had a lot of visitors today, but this one was special.  Joyce O. came with her granddaughter Julia (oh, I hope that’s correct)  Joyce has stayed with us a few times  AND she likes my blog. She’s posted comments!  That makes me happy. She brought me a present.  You are not going to believe it – she brought me

ein Huhn

is what I would say in German, heh


If Ivanka could speak French,
that’s what she would say.

a chickin

as my British guest Mary would say

‘Enough’ is what you say, this is what Joyce brought:

a chicken!

Thank you Joyce, I love it 🙂

It’s beautiful.  I think Joyce’s thought here was that if she brings me this gorgeous chicken, then I might not buy live chickens and then when she stays here the next time, she can be sure to have undisturbed mornings
without clucking,  muahahahahaaaa, we shall see…

Joyce and Julie with BearJoyce and Julia with Bear

My new chicken :)My new chicken :)
Uggg, not a very good picture 😦