Bear has had a rough night.  I know it’s my own fault, I should not let him roam the property alone.  He goes and visits with the guests and he begs for goodies. The guests think they’re being clever when they feed him, which I frequently ask them NOT to do.
Bear threw up during the night in the house and is still throwing up now outside.  Amazing how much food he has in him and none of it his own.

Short of putting up “don’t feed the animals” sign like in the zoo, what can I do?
Now he sits there on the steps at the back door, tied up, sad and sick.
And I am angry 😦

10 thoughts on “Bear!

  1. Have the guests come and clean up the vomit! That will put an end to the “treats”! 🙂

  2. ummmm, I wish I could. I am still responsible for letting the dog roam.

  3. He is a Lab, which means he is also part Hoover.

    😦 Poor doggy. He’ll get over it. Boil him some rice, and some plain chicken or ground beef for dinner, and he’ll be good as new.

    • Oh thank you
      Dr. Ivank-er. He’s had nothing to eat today. He won’t even look at food.
      He’s on a leash now and I hate that for him, but I think I can’t trust the guests not to feed him again 😦

      • I did what you suggested with rice and some steak (that’s all I had :pinch:) and he chowed down and licked the bowl, gave me a greatful look and went to his bed to take a shnooze 🙂

  4. Joyce Ochowicz

    How about a sign around his neck–“DON’T FEED THE BEAR!

  5. Kathy Carlile Holwerda

    Oh, my!! Yes, I’ve cleaned up Tag’s messes before too, so I know how that is… ugg!
    Hope your note to the guests works. I promise not to feed him when we come.
    Love your blog, Iris!!

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