The Cutest Cottage in Frankfort

Remember when I said I’d write about my favorite cottage a while ago?

I went to talk to the lady who lives there.  Her name is Mary; we had been introduced once before so we got re-acquainted last week. She was thrilled that I wanted to take pictures of her home – she was so gracious, gave me a quick tour and even showed me into her backyard, where her 3 dachshunds were waiting to get their tummies scratched 😉

Here now are the pictures of the dollhouse


And now for something completely different:

It is hot today –  80 degrees.
I want to be at the North Pole or the South Pole or sit in my freezer.
Any temperature over 70 degrees makes me feel like a Red Snapper in a pot of bouillabaisse.

Things are good around here though and I don’t have to perspire too much because I have help cleaning the cottages now.  Real help who is happy to be here and she does a great job!

6 thoughts on “The Cutest Cottage in Frankfort

  1. 106* out here in Arizona Iris!!!

  2. I just adore that cottage. Its picture perfect.

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