The Photographer, Part Deux

So now, of course, I should show you all the photos that Drew took of the Elberta Solstice Festival Fireworks, right?

Prepare yourselves


Click on the thumbnails to get the bigger picture

Photos by Drew Smith of Drew Smith Photography

I am crossing my fingers for him to win this contest. I hope all of you are crossing fingers, legs, toes, eyes.

7 thoughts on “The Photographer, Part Deux

  1. Many thanks to Iris and Mike for showing me around and graciously accommodating my visits to Benzie! It’s been a fun project. Marc and Mike were great fishing models — even following positioning orders by radio as I photographed them next to the lighthouse all the way from Elberta Beach! The fireworks were also amazing (great show Josh!) – they were photographed from the dock at the Jacobson Marina Resort (my thanks to the good folks there as well). Hope you enjoy the pics!

    After July 15th I’ll have a whole bunch more images on my website from this project — now the grueling task of picking the 30 best images to submit for the contest.

    Benzie is an amazing place where I have met some great folks. I look forward to getting back up north ASAP!

    Thanks again Iris!

  2. Now see, I am glad you came by to explain your work.
    Hope to see you again, with the big gold medal around the neck and of course the prize money in hand 😉

  3. great pictures!

  4. Well he certainly has a gift, the fireworks shots are outstanding. I will keep my fingers crossed for him.

  5. Christine Tilley

    Drew, all of your pictures are grand. The composition, lighting, all terrific. You’re sure to win!! Iris is alright isn’t she………

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