Extra Extra – read all about it…

Josh Carter, the crew coordinator for the Wolverine Fireworks Co., has just informed me that big things are planned for the 4th of July celebrations.  Among them, a raffle to find a winner.  The prize –

Grand Marshall of the Fireworks

The winner gets to start the show and to fire miscellaneous shells during the show.  The tickets will be on sale sometime next week for the usual tarrif – 1 for $1. or 6 for $5.  That should be great fun.  I know that I am going to buy a bundle of tickets.

Josh has pledged the fee that he is usually paid to go back into Frankfort’s fireworks fund, which is solely paid for, by the way,  with donations.  This will allow him to bring a bigger show for us to see.  Donations are already coming in from down state families who enjoy our 4th of July celebrations every year.

Usually Steve Christian from Dinghy’s and  Mike and the boys  will go around the parade route and collect money for the fireworks and there are collection boxes stationed all around Main Street stores.  If you’re here for the 4th, remember to stuff something in those boxes.

I didn’t report on the Solstice fireworks, don’t ask me why.  They were spectacular once again.   Superb.  The only way those fireworks could be better is if they were set to music.

4 thoughts on “Extra Extra – read all about it…

  1. How lucky you guys are, to have two fireworks shows! I thought perhaps the summer solstice fireworks took place of the July 4th ones, but not so!

  2. The Solstice fireworks were spectacular. Mom, Fuzz and I watched them from the car parked right across from where they were lighting them off…can’t wait to see the 4th of July ones.

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