Car Show and Solstice Festival photos

I am back from my jaunt into Frankfort (first) and Elberta (second). By the time I could go into town, it was already 2 o’clock  – too late for the market, I thought.  To my surprise, there were plenty of farmers still left, selling everything they had for as long as they could.  Sadly though, the emu people, who also sell the best chicken eggs, were all out of eggs.

Enough of my troubles,  I saw Steve Brunger there.  He’s been a guest here at the Wayfarer for the last 3 years. He comes on a regular basis 2 to 3 times a month in high season and a little less often the rest of the year.  At first he only came to enjoy the beach.  One day though, he decided to make jewelry.  Don’t ask me how that went, I was “in the know” but I cannot remember.  Maybe he’ll come and tell you about it.   He makes the most beautiful things out of fossils and polished rocks.

Steve with his beautiful photos of Benzie County

Steve with his beautiful photos of Benzie County

Some of his pretty jewelry

Some of his pretty jewelry.  I wish I had taken some closeups.  This won’t do. Make note to wear glasses when taking pictures 😉

On to the car show and the Elberta fun.

I have to apologize for the lumped together pictures.  I had so much trouble today getting these pictures posted and in the right way, I finally after a couple of hours, gave up. Click on the thumbprints once and then again to see big pictures 😉

6 thoughts on “Car Show and Solstice Festival photos

  1. I thought the fireworks we great again this year.Elberta out does itself every year Good work gang

  2. Mike "The Maintenance Guy

    I spend all day getting sunburned, selling bratwurst with my friends and all she shows of our car show was the cars….. I hate being appreciated, but I do luv that innkeeper!!

  3. The art fair was wonderful also. So much going on in the same weekend. Who needs a big city for entertainment?

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