A wrong turn

Yesterday Mike and I went to Traverse City to shop for supplies for the cottages.  Mike always needs to find new ways to get to old familiar places.  If he can avoid the usual, he’ll find the unusual.  First we went to the Coast Guard Exchange to see what they had in their store.  There we found a new answering machine.  Next we tried to get to Meijer’s by way of some new way 😉
Here we were, galivanting around Traverse City in the general direction of Meijer’s so that I could stock up on frozen crayfish, mussles and shrimp and of course  a tray or two of some fresh sushi, when I took a wrong turn.
Good thing that I did because we would have never  come upon this scene

Look at these cute little sailboats.

Look at these cute little sailboats!

I don’t know if you can see that they were painted in yellow, red,
blue, green -primary colors, much like our chairs.  Each boat had one person inside and there was a motorized boat (see left) that traveled amidst the sailboats.  It must have been an instructor.  The boats were so tiny, I think they were made for children.  Must have been Sailing Camp.   Anyway, it was a fantastic scene with maybe 20 boats sailing, I could not get them all into one picture.

more of the same

More of the same



The end :)

The end 🙂

4 thoughts on “A wrong turn

  1. Something to be said for going off the beaten path, those sailboats look like something off of a post card.

    Did you ever get to Meijers?

  2. Nope, we ran out of time, I could just go to Sam’s and get the TP and the PT and back home 😦
    This was my last chance until the end of September to leave town

  3. Well we know how important the TP and PT are!!

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