Guess who’s coming to dinner

We have always had peacocks around here.  The neighbors south of us had a pair in a cage right by the road.  When they moved, I think they let the peacocks loose.  There have been peacock sightings ever since.  Some as far north as Bridge Street, where the Terwilligers reported them, and now in Elberta – in my mother in laws backyard.  I was told that there are some people in the area who are breeding them and that’s where this bird may be living. Where I come from, I only ever saw peacocks in Palace gardens.  It’s pretty exciting that they also live among us regular folks 🙂
I was told that I could buy peacock pairs for under $ 70.00.  That made me want to get a pair but they are much noisier than chickens.  So, I am back to thinking that I want chickens.  I am so confused.

Dorothy says that the peacock comes to have breakfast every morning around 9:30.  He makes her mad because he eats her bird seeds.   I keep forgetting to go and see him for myself but tonight around 8:30 JR, Dorothy’s neighbor, called me to let me know that he’s having dinner at Dorothy’s. Not JR having dinner, the peacock…
Immediately I got in my car and drove over there to see for myself.  When I arrived, the bird was sitting on the bird feeder but as soon as he saw me, he was off and running.  For a little while I chased the bird around the barn, he was difficult to catch.  Finally I just waited and this is what I got on camera <—-(click on that ) he ran back home when the neighborhood dog started to bark at him.

Yes, I know it is a bad picture

Yes, I know it is a bad picture he’s so fast and all over the place. Much like a road runner, meep-meep or a painting by Van Gogh, heh!

This afternoon I saw that my favorite rose had started to bloom:

Oh the smell, hmmmmm

Oh the smell, hmmmmm



11 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to dinner

  1. You were at my house and didn;t even say hello. our friend was here this am but Fuzz started to mow and he went home

  2. Janice Gravelines

    I love peacocks. Cause they’re so stupid and noisy and arrogant. We have peacocks all over the park we walk in. They’re suppose to stay out of the English Gardens, so naturally that is exactly the first place they head for. It’s fun to watch the gardeners desperately swooshing rags at them and chasing them. Peacocks, gotta love ’em!

  3. Precisely Janice, they are stupid and noisy. Almost as bad as chickens….

  4. Unless you can eat peacock eggs, chickens would win that contest hands down at my house! Don’t get a rooster to cut down on noise. And I have seen some chickens whose plumage give peacocks a run for their money!

    • the plumage on the chicken pictures that I posted a while ago are proof of that. I agree. I think the kings in the olden days did actually eat peacocks as well as their byproducts. I know they ate swan, so …

  5. I work at this petting zoo/resturant sorta place. (gee, I made that sound greeat!) Our peacocks ALWAYS get loose. They are fun to watch though. I love when they fan out!

    I say go for it! Chickens are soooo dirty!

  6. I have heard peacocks can be pretty loud. What fantastic pictures. I really really like the blurred one it does look like a very famous painting. How nice that your favorite rose is in bloom. I thought I had killed mine but I see hopeful shoots sprouting up. Looks like a wait and see flower.

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