A Saturday Morning in Frankfort

I went to the Crescent Bakery in Frankfort the other day…you know right on Main Street across from the Drug Store. How tough it is to resist any of what they serve is easy to see.  The peasant breads and rolls are so yummy, I want to sit in a basket full of them. Bring on the Pate’, bring on the Graved Lox. Bring it on – I know where to put it – I’ll put it on the roll and the bread!

Sitting here with a cup of coffee and one unbelievable, heavenly doughnut is what get's you through the cold winter Saturday morning :)

Sitting here on a cold, blustery Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and one scrumptious doughnut is what gets us through the cold winter.
This is the place where everyone, that is still in town during the ice age, will meet.  Kids get bundled up until they are unrecognizable and off to the bakery everyone goes.   It is tradition in winter for the locals and it is tradition for the summer guests to do the same each morning to start off the day.  Bob and Fran like that 🙂

They serve the smoothest Cappucinos ever

They serve the smoothest Cappuccinos ever

That's what I'm talkin' about!

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!



And then we walk across

And then we walk across the street and to the opposite corner and walk into Olsen-Sayles.  Arlene Olsen and her daughter Sheryl Reichel own the store.  Sheryl can also be found working as a server at the Mayfair Tavern in Elberta.
Back to the store…Here’s where I buy a shnazzy new spatula, a fancy shmanzy cookie cutter.  They also sell all sorts of kitchen gadgets and  bar ware, candles and wonderful cards and they have a Christmas department 😉

The greeting cards are the last stop  in the store for me because it’s for comic relief.  Their greeting cards are the best! We laugh so hard, there isn’t a dry eye in the house.

Sheryl and her employee Sheryl. What are the odds?Sheryl Reichel on the right and her employee Sheryl. What are the odds?

See what I could not resist buying?  A cute chicken in lieu of a real one and a little note book, 3 graduation cards and paper grape leaves to serve the cheese on at the planting party 😉

6 thoughts on “A Saturday Morning in Frankfort

  1. That’s not nice to post pictures of the actual donuts Iris. I love the raspberry filled with glaze on top and the eclairs and the cookies…..
    I hope they still make them the way they did when it was owned by the Bradleys. Oh so yummy!!!
    I miss that bakery….

    • Shelly, it is time to come home and spoil yourself 🙂

      • Everytime I come home, both my Dad and I end up gaining 5 to 10 pounds! Go figure!
        The bakery, the Mayfair, Dinghey’s, the Cherry Hut and of course chocolate malts at the Dairy Maid…..

        • well, that is the danger about coming home in general. Our mothers feed us too well too. I remember going home for me was always connected with “Mom, can you make this?”
          I think they use all the original recipes. I know that when Jason and Linda owned it, they bought the recipes with the business.

  2. Iris,

    I come up on Monday, can’t wait. There’s an apple fritter with my name on it at the bakery 🙂


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