A Three Hour Tour…

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…unlike the Minnow, this ship returned to the harbor in time 😉

He said – she said –  that is how we will present the impressions of the innaugural Sleeping Bear Dunes Cruise which took place on June 6th, 2009.

He ( Michael) said:

Well let’s see, since this is Iris’s blog I’d better be pretty good. Anyway – it was a dark and stormy night…. No no no it was a  brisk and blustery afternoon .
I was invited for the initial run of the Sleeping Bear dunes cruise because I am a board member of the Frankfort and Elberta Chamber of Commerce.  Since my loverly bride was getting ready for her “Get my garden planted party” my sister Rowanna came up from Ann Arbor to join me on the “three hour cruise”… That did get some laughs with the Gilligan’s Island thing…Anyway – the boat ride was fabulous. They have stabilizers on the boat so it doesn’t rock and roll as much (or at all really). I have been up and down that coast fishing more times than I can count, but the narrator – Bill Herd – knew things about the names and the geology of that coast that I was totally unaware of. Aral Road was named after a lake in Russia!!! – We went almost all the way to Empire and had some great views of lighthouses (3 of them) and some homes that would make Donald Trump drool…… The crew were very nice and helpful, the seats were very comfortable – I will give you one hint. If you sit on top, sit in the first row – the shield there deflects the wind and makes for a very nice place to sit on a ‘brisk and blustery afternoon”

She (Rowanna) said:

After seeing Iris blog about the boat tour and Mike needing a date, I volunteered. Iris said ok fine, but…”here is my camera, takes lots of pictures”.. So, after taking 107 pictures for her, here is my story. Even though the day was cold and rainy this tour was fantastic!! I had lived in Frankfort for 12 years and had never seen the shore line from this side. The water was pretty rough and I am not a fan of rough seas but the boat has some things that keep it level so I couldn’t feel the rocking at all. I did stay on the topside seating for most of the ride, but there was a very warm and glass enclosed space down below. The gentleman that narrated the tour knew all kind of information, not just the run of the mill…here are the dunes…here is Plate Lake, but very interesting little tid bits. From the time we watched the Frankfort lighthouse grow small behind us, to seeing the Point Betsie lighthouse through the narrator’s wonderful stories; I would suggest this fun ride to anyone. There will be 2 tours a day..one during the day and one at sunset. I will be on the sunset tour one day this summer to enjoy this great trip again, hopefully in warmer weather. The day didn’t end as we had planned with planting Iris’s garden, too much rain, but we had a great ending to our day with cheese, drinks and great conversation. Roger and Lee Mix along with Mike, Iris and mom. Another great weekend for me in Elberta.

there she be

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12 thoughts on “A Three Hour Tour…

  1. Oh I am so glad that Mike and Rowanna were able to post their reviews. Many thanks to Rowanna for her pictures too! Just one more reason to head to Frankfort this summer!! (fingers crossed)

  2. Thank you for letting me be your guest reporter..maybe I can do it again when I come up for vacation..or the Spring Art Fair which is June 20th in the park in Frankfort. What do you think Iris?

  3. Hey, that looks like a great evening during our time in July. Thanks for the photos. Is it really 3 hrs? talk to you soon Iris & mike

  4. I’m soooo looking forward to my boat trip and the view from the other side of the coast!

    Thanks for the preview,


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