You’ve been patient

Sorry my peeps, I haven’t had the time to write but I did have time to plant today.
Katie, who has been trying to get over here for the last two days couldn’t make it again today, and no one else really wanted to do it. Mike and I did it together.  We had fun in the dirt. Before we knew it, all the little plants were in the ground.  Top soil is a wonderful thing. No rototilling needed. Just dig the little hole and stuff the little things in and water.  Yay!

We planted umpteen kinds of peppers, a lot of basil, a whole lot of onions and tomatoes.  Katie must have had a hankering for cucumbers because it looks as though she’s bought out the store – we have cucumbers and pickles until the cows come home. Crystal Gardens thanks her 😉

A few weeks ago my sister in law, Barb, brought me 3 chickens and a rooster. The chickens are planters so I planted the mint, that someone brought to the planting party, in one of the chickens because we all know what mint will do and where it will grow.

Basil and peppers :)

Basil and peppers 🙂

all done

All done

We don't know what this could be. There wasn't a tag. Is it beans?

We don’t know what this could be. There wasn’t a tag. Is it beans? We think it might be so we planted it in the middle. That way we can add a pyramid to let it grow tall.

Then I turned around and took this pic

Then I turned around and snapped this picture

Then on the way back to the house...

On the way back to the house…

I lourve me some lilacs. Some of my favorite spring things

I lourve me some lilacs.  They are some of my favorite spring things

one of the planter chickens

One of the planter chickens

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7 thoughts on “You’ve been patient

  1. Sorry I couldn’t help plant..but it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see them grow. I haven’t planted my lilac bush yet, but it looks like a baby compared to yours !!

  2. Well, I finally have a decent size lilac( I thought it was pretty big, until I saw yours…) this year and I have to tell you, it is simply breathtaking. Makes me so happy to see it blooming. As far as the plant goes, looks like beans to me too. Or maybe peas?

  3. Janice Gravelines

    Lovely!! Especially the lilacs!!!

  4. I am jealous of your gardens! They look great! I have a tomatoe plant… a pot. . . lol. Thats about as good as its gonna get this year (or um, probably for about the next 16 years).

    I also want to thank you for using the word “umpteen” in this post. I haven’t heard that word in forever, but you brought back a really nice memory of my grams.

  5. Umpteen, umpteen, umpteen.

    I think you are correct when you write that you’ll be busy for the next 16 years. Just you wait and see 😉

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