The weatherman got it wrong – AGAIN.
Paying close attention to the weather reports the last few days, I knew that there was “absolutely no chance that the rain would be here before late night on Saturday”.
Great! the planters are coming at 5 and might stay until 8. We are safe.

Here I was, making my people run around like chickens with their heads cut off to clean up and mow and put out the soaker hose for my garden bed; I got the cheese ready, the wine and flowers on the table, the chairs just so and then at


it starts to sprinkle and then it starts to rain really hard. Everyone showed up with wonderful things to plant but we couldn’t do it. We each grabbed a plate of cheese, crackers, bread, olives, caper berries and drinks and we went to the front porch. As we were standing there wondering which side of the porch we should be sitting on, we all decided unanimously that it was too windy out there, which meant that we had to drag everything back inside and into the living room – thus, much time was spent finding the perfect location for our rendezvous.

Long story short, we had a great time eating, drinking and laughing.  The problem is, those little plants need to go into the ground and I am the one who has to do it by myself.  Although I am great company, it’s just not as much fun 😦

I couldn’t take pictures of the guests or anything else because I had handed the camera to Mike who, with his sister, went on the 3 hour  Sleeping Bear Dunes Cruise this afternoon where, by the way, they took some fantastic pictures and had a great time learning a lot of things they had not known about the dunes.
I think I will have Mike write that entry into the blog as he now knows everything there is to know now about the dunes.

3 thoughts on “4:59

  1. We really did have fun tonight. I’m just sorry it was to rainy to plant. Can’t wait to see some of the pictures of our trip !!

  2. still, this was suppose to be a planting date.
    And no pictures 😦 Oh well, the best laid plans….

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