Attention Cocktail Planters!

To all who are coming to the planting

-DO NOT bring cheese-
We don’t need no stinkin’ cheese.
Vee neet noh shtinkink  chease

Yours truly went a little overboard when shopping in Traverse City yesterday and spent about … errrrr…….too much money on cheese.

There’s no need to tell Mike,  he wouldn’t understand, heheh.

So I am storing the cheese in the chillabrator of cottage 8, because there’s no one occupying it right now.  I love having 6 kitchens at my disposal 🙂

I got the booze like I promised already.

Some of what we have…

some of what we have, heehee


Lee is making a new drink for us, which means, I do have the vodka that we need for it.  Have any of you ever had Grand Traverse Vodka?
It is one of the best, smoothest vodkas I have ever tasted – no lie.  We usually have it with lemon juice and sparkling water on the rocks, yummmmmm. I don’t like the one that’s cherry flavored though.

And a table full of unfolded laundry

And a table full of unfolded boy laundry 😯  You do know what that means. It means that I have to go and fold that now 😦

6 thoughts on “Attention Cocktail Planters!

  1. Just please promise me you will post pictures of the garden once the planting is done.

    Will the drinking be going on at the same time as the planting?? Just wondering…

  2. I wish Kay and I could be there to help, it sounds like a lot of fun. we will just have to look at the pictures for now. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the 4th. Have fun
    Kay & Don

  3. Janice Gravelines

    I suggest you plant the garden before the drinking commences – or you’re going to have some interesting rows of vegetables. Yes – pictures please!

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