Before I fall asleep

It is 7 am and I am just back from driving LuAnn and her husband Michael to the airport in Traverse City.  One would think that this is just a 30 mile trip, get up at 3:30, pick them up by 4, drop them off, go to Meijers for some sushi and head home.  Yeah right.  Nothing ever goes as planned…

About  10 miles away from the airport Michael noticed that he didn’t have his driver’s license 😯
I raced them back home where his papers were in his car, oy!  There we pile into his car, he drove because he knows “the back way” and “he drives faster”!
No kidding, ummmm….this was one of the scarier rides of my life.  He drove about 95 mph. I am not kidding about that. He passed people on the right to run a red light at an intersection, passed cars on the double yellow line – it felt like a scene out of a Buster Keaton movie.  It took us 20 minutes to get from their home to the airport, say whaaaaa?

When I go to pick them up from the airport on Sunday afternoon, I will drive like I am 95 years old and take the scenic route so that they know what it is like to stop and smell the roses.  I’ll stop at the water’s edge for a good view and fresh air, heehee.

I had taken my camera along to snap some photos as I wave goodbye to them, but they jumped out of the car and ran inside so fast, I couldn’t get my seat belt unbuckled in time to catch them.

Now, let me make a cup of coffee for Mike who is just getting up and I will take a nap.  Good night.

3 thoughts on “Before I fall asleep

  1. I would suggest you find the number of a good car service for future trips, or, just say no! to airport rides. heheheheh

  2. Well you know, no good deed goes unpunished. :)))

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