Beach Path

Mike and I walked the beach path today to see where there’s some trimming needed and how it looks in general.  We came across a few things that needed a “hair cut” and also a bunch of tent worms, ewww.

the tent worms have hatched

The tent worms have hatched.  I used to go around and break the bags they grow in, hoping that the birds would eat the worms.
“Not so” – said a farmer a while ago.  “The nests need to be burned”.
OK.  Marc went out after dinner with a blow torch to do just that.  He had fun.

On the way we saw a Trillium. That is sort of unusual for this area. They grow in the woods all around us but not in our fields.  Then we met Pat G. one of our neighbors.

Pat and Mike

Pat and Mike

somewhere along the path to the beach

somewhere along the path to the beach


Now just a few pictures of the beautiful apple blossoms

apple trees

apple trees



more blossomsmore blossoms.
Hmmmm they smell so good 🙂

6 thoughts on “Beach Path

  1. Iris I heard that the tent worms have been a problem in the northern areas this year. The cridders have eaten all the foliage off the trees so kill them all. Sammy

  2. Shelley Brown

    I DON’T miss the tent worms…..gross!!!

  3. thebestthingscomeintwos

    I had no idea you have to burn them. I’ve been knocking them down. . .

    May I ask what kind of camera you have? It takes such nice clear pictures! Beautiful, even if they are of icky worms!

    • I use a sony cyber-shot 7.2.
      It’s the one that Mike bought at the Virgin store in DTD in 2007, when I thought I had forgotten my flip camera at home 🙂

      Those worms have really created problems, like Kay said in her comment up there. When you drive through the country side, there are amazing numbers of trees covered in those little tents – the trees are dead. Very sad. Not here though, thank goodness

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