The weekend started off beautifully with lots of sunshine, yay!
Suddenly around lunch time the sky grew darker and darker and the sounds of THUNDER began to get louder and louder, then some sparks and drops of rain. Marc abandoned the lawn mower for safer grounds – namely in the house, the man cave to be exact, and in front of the xbox 360. After about 20 minutes the whole thing was done. The sun came out – a good thing because of at least one outdoor wedding that had to go on late this afternoon. We had a number of wedding guests staying with us, some from N.Y. some from down state. It was a very good weekend here at the Wayfarer. Good night all 🙂

5 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. You forgot to say it was cold. Last night it really was cold and I thing the flowers got it. My bird bath was froze solid this am

  2. Mom, did you click on the word “Tunder”? Go do that 😉

  3. I clicked on the word thunder…what a talent you are. It is sunny here in Ann Arbor but only about 60 degrees. Windows are open but have on a sweatshirt.

    • Hey Row, there are a couple of other youtube videos in some of the May posts. There’s one of Ty, which we thought was a hoot – could be because we love him (strange, I know )

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