The Bachelor – Wayfarer style

This is Joe S. from Chicago, with the shnazzy Flitzer – I have told you about him before.


Joe 🙂

Joe has a great job working for a major retailer as an interior designer.  I almost want to say industrial interior designer.  If that’s wrong he’ll come on here and tell me, I am sure. The things I know about Joe:  He is very, very nice. Needs a woman’s touch. He is very outgoing and inquisitive, loves to sit outside and chat, goes for  hikes but he is tired of doing that alone.

Joe is looking for a wife!

If you’d like to meet up with Joe call me to see when he’s scheduled to be here and come on up and have a chat and maybe an afternoon outing to the dunes.


15 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Wayfarer style

  1. Christine Tilley

    With everything else you have going on, you’re adding match maker to your resume?

  2. Now I understand your “cougar” comment. You didn’t mention his young age !!!! Starting a dating service??

  3. thebestthingscomeintwos

    How does “Joe with the shnazzy Flitzer” feel about twins? I love hiking 🙂

  4. Why you are a jack of all trades, there, aren’t you Miss Iris???

  5. Holy matchmaker batman! Is there an hourly fee for your services? Grab your babushka and get busy, do you get the first-born, or do they have to name it after you?

  6. wow, this is amazing…..I wish all the meanie girls I met in Chicago with $150 flip flops could see this, haha. Looks great Iris, thank you!

  7. Christine Tilley

    Joe, stay away from girls who need $150 flip flops. Oy vey……….I’m a mom and this is the same advice I would give my 23 year old son. My son is looking for a girl too. Maybe he should hire you Iris?

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