The boys' business card

Yes that’s right.  The boys are starting up their headboard business again this summer.  Maybe this year they’ll be a bit more industrious than last year. Nothing much was produced last year.  In  2007 they were very busy with those headboards.
LuAnn had put them up to fashioning twig headboards for some of her rooms. Pretty soon, the Betsie Bay Inn ordered a headboard for one of their rooms.
I must say, they really look great.  I was actually thinking of ordering a few for a couple of the Wayfarer cottages myself. Some of the cottages are currently sporting headboards that I am not exactly fond of 😯

LuAnn painted her headboards, the Hotel in town varnished theirs.
I like the look of the varnished ones.

cute huh?Summer of 2007 – cute huh?

2 thoughts on “Twinzz

  1. Christine Tilley

    I’d love to see a pic of a headboard if you have one. It sounds very interesting. BTW, your boys are very handsome. I saw the pics of them in the chef’s hats on MB. Handsome but not happy. lol

  2. Hi Christine~
    heehee, the hat moment was very unfortunate. I wish that I hadn’t made them wear those, because there were 3 really cute, much older girls at our table and the boys were mortified.
    I don’t have pictures of any headboards, but I will, of course, take some once they’re finished and installed

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