Sweet Woodruff is the answer!

None of you got it right, bummer.

Sweet Woodruff is the name of the plant and in Michigan it blooms in June.  It is a woodland plant, does not like sunlight, loves moist soil, is very invasive and smells heavenly.
In Germany it blooms in May.  We use a little bit like in the photo with the flowers completely open and put it into a bottle of semi dry white wine.  We call it May wine.  It tastes delicious.

Here, read for yourself and try it Webster

sweet woodruffSweet Woodruff (heh, no dishes in my sink and Cindy wasn’t even here today. How do you like that Dorothy?)

Okey-dokey, I wrote all the names on a piece of paper, laziness though made me take the pen, close my eyes and stab the paper, hoping to get anywhere near a name.  It worked.


Eric Rivera

to be the whiner errrr… winner.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Woodruff is the answer!

  1. I didn’t say anything about your dishes that was one of my darling grandsons. when I was watching them I didn’t have anything else to do as the cabins weren’t open

  2. Darn, I knew, but I didn’t think I would count!

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