The Kitchen Garden – part deux

The first raised bed for my ‘kitchen garden’ has been built. Yippeeeeee.

The first raised bed
You see where it is located right now.  Yes, where the deer play in the mornings, seeDSC00883

Awww, cute. But now back to MY kitchen garden 8)
Looks great. Looks big. Now we need to find the right location out there, not too far away from the house yet out of the way and in a sunny location. “Ummmm….how is the dirt getting into that frame?” you ask, and I answer:  “The boys!”  Of course they need to be bribed 😉
Those poor, unsuspecting boys have no idea what awaits them today after they wake up, after devouring their chocolate pancakes with bacon and what not, muahahahaaaaaaaa.  They sleep late in hopes that we forget that they exist and therefore won’t ask them to do a darn thing all day long.
I can just hear the complaining and mumbling going on under their proverbial beards.  “What?” I will reply and then lay a guilt trip about food being expensive, etc. on them.  It is wicked, but what are ya gonna do?

Ohoooo, even better – Mike just left to go to town and the Crescent Bakery to get doughnuts for all of them.
As usual for almost any weekend,  Zach T. has spent the night. That makes him a helping hand when I need him.  Today his parents cannot get him back until that frame is where it belongs and full of dark, grimy dirt!

Here is where the first frame shall go.

right by the cherry treesRight by the cherry trees.  Right by the tall grass.

I want to fill it right away with something I have growing under my kitchen window


Next year, if this one is successful, we’ll built another one and plant even more stuff. But then there will be a note in each cottage to either help with watering and pulling weeds or not getting to eat any of the good things, heehee

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