How boring – another contest

Alright everyone, I happen to know the answer to this question without consulting any books.

Can you tell me what the name of this plant is
and what we do with it in Germany?

The first person who correctly answers both questions gets the cookies, ok!?
If no one guesses correctly, we’ll just draw names, so comment no matter what, you might have a chance to get the prize šŸ˜‰


Good luck to all.

The contest ends at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

15 thoughts on “How boring – another contest

  1. How boring? Not boring at all! It’s an opportunity to show my stupidity, and that can be wonderfully amusing.

    I have absolutely NO idea the name of this plant (although it is delicately pretty) or what you do with it in Germany (perhaps flavour tea, kiss under it — looks a bit like white holly or mistletoe…). I could challenge my sister, the horticulture/agriculture super-grad, but… nah…

    I look forward to reading everyone’s replies!

  2. Janice Gravelines

    Hmmm – all I can think of is Edelweiss – but that’s more related to Austria, isn’t it? If it is Edelweiss…

  3. I know, I know, but want to make sure I qualify!

  4. That’s one of my “mom’s” plants. I’ve got them growing next to my garage (I transplanted them from mom’s house to my garden). They spread and spread each year and have these pretty little flowers.

    I used to have a brown thumb – everything I planted turned brown and shriveled. My mother was a masterful gardener, she could make anything grow. When she passed away and we sold the old home, I moved lots of her plants to my garden. Low and behold her green thumb transfered to me. I love gardening, but don’t know the names of half the plants I grow.

    I can’t wait to find out the real name for “mom’s” plant.

  5. I have no idea. Do they make beer out of it?


  6. Christine Tilley

    I have nothing to add. I have a brown thumb. Just waiting in anticiption for the answer………….

  7. I came up with a guess earlier this morning but now I do not see my entry. I have not idea what the guess was as I found it on the internet and can not find it again. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it was wrong.

    Another guess on what it does…does it keep Mosquitoes away?

    Well, that’s my 2nd quess as the first one is vanished.

  8. edelwiess? can be used in cosmetics, hair products?

  9. Rats, I missed the cut off. But then again, I have no idea what that plant is.

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