I am a happy innkeeper

This has been a stupendous weekend. Well, it’s not over yet. The weather was great on Friday, somewhat cool and overcast today and I have no idea what the weather will be like tomorrow. It doesn’t matter much at this time of year. Most guests are not coming to enjoy laying around and sunning themselves on the beach. At this time of year, the hikers and strollers are out in full force. The mushroom hunters and rock collectors.  The bird watchers and shoppers.  All this can be done without too much sunshine although sunshine never hurts.

I still have a full house which is highly unusual for Memorial Day weekend.  The usual would have been for guests to NOT make arrangements before the weekend but to wait and see what the weather is doing and then driving up and stopping in to see if a room was available.  This year we’ve been booked up for weeks and this morning every single guest, that wasn’t already booked in until Monday, came to the office to add another day and not leave until Monday morning.
Remember Rusty and Beth?  I talked about them on April 26th. They are here too.  They just arrived this afternoon – another one of those ad hoc visits, heehee.  They put me to the test and by golly, I had a room for them (but only because the Delaware ladies left a day earlier than I thought they would).

It’s nearly midnight now, almost everyone has returned to their cottages.  Joe S. from Chicago had his fire out in the field, all is quiet and most likely there’s some snoring going on in some of those cottages, heehee.

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