Memorial Day Weekend

Och, I cannot believe that we are cutting it that close.  We decided the day before yesterday that 5 bathrooms need new flooring. We also decided to do the first bathroom before tomorrow which means that Mike’s friend Dean, an out of work  finish carpenter, did all the prep work and Mike is right now, Thursday night at 7 PM, putting in the floor.   It took Dean all of Wednesday to put in the new sub-floor.  Thank goodness there were no surprises. That is cutting it close.  Next week the other bathrooms will get a make over.  I have purchased the paint already and there’s nothing stopping me now. By mid June, there won’t be any more time to do anything but clean and have lots of guests in and out of here.

Today is a great day – the weather is wonderful. It is warm, really warm and sunny during the day and in the late afternoon it begins to get cooler as the fog comes across the lake.  I have been spending some time with the ladies from Delaware. I took them out to Putney’s in Arcadia so that they could get some of the same phlox that I bought there a few weeks ago.  I still haven’t had a chance to get that into the ground. I can just see my “kitchen garden” idea falling by the wayside as I am getting busier and busier each day.  I still have some time before the last frost is gone for good.  Everybody cross your fingers, I need all the help I can get.

Lemme see what pictures I have for you todayTurkey turkey

more turkeysmore turkeys

The other day a turkey wandered into the flowerbed right under my kitchen window.  Bear was laying outside by the back door and didn’t notice it until I went to get my camera. That’s when he started to chase the turkey away and into the back yard where there were 3 more turkeys waiting for him.  I was a little miffed at Bear for chasing the bird, it would have made a great picture – the big bird in my little flowerbed, you know.
Oh well, like an idiot I started to chase after the birds then too and all I got were pictures of their behinds wiggling through the back forty, heehee

7 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Christine Tilley

    You have turkeys too! I drove by some turkeys a few weeks ago just trying to imagine where they came from. Early in the morning you can hear a rooster crow from my bathroom and approx a year or so ago, I was driving down our side streets to the entrance to the main highway, to go to work and there was a car blocking the roadway with his blinkers on. I pulled around him and there was a goat! He was trying to protect it from traffic. Oh and once in awhile, we have a few folks that ride horses down our street. You would think that we live in the country but we don’t. We live near beaches. Weird.


  3. Coming home from work on a 4 lane highway the traffic was stopped dead on all 4 lanes waiting for a mom duck and her brood to cross the highway…only in Ann Arbor….

  4. The phlox (mountain pinks) are planted by the tree in the front of the house now–doing quite nicely I may add–Warren was right, they ARE hearty plants from Michigan! There sure look pretty out there…..thanks again for taking us there!

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