a fantastic weekend and more to come

We had a great weekend with some really fun guests,  including a little boy who learned to fly a kite out back this afternoon. Beautiful sunshine for most of the day and the fun won’t stop yet, because our friend Donut and her better half HB are coming later today to stay for the next week.

This will be a dream day for someone (not me) who loves to clean, ’cause lemme tell ya, there are 8 cottages that need cleaning.  This will be my test to see if I still have it in me to clean that much in one day.  How depressing.

Back to more fun stuff like MMM aka Michigan Martini Madness which will start Sunday around 9 PM and will not stop until Friday.  This is our second annual meeting here, which involves beer and Ring Bologna, not so many Martinis.     Martini fit better than beer, don’t you think?  Michigan Beer Madness?  No.  We’ll leave it like it is.  I’ll report on the festivities during the week.

1st. annual MMM1st. annual MMM

8 thoughts on “a fantastic weekend and more to come

  1. thebestthingscomeintwos

    Yea for MMM! Have fun ladeies! Drink on for me!

  2. thebestthingscomeintwos

    Actually, I meant drink “one” for me. But you can drink “on” for me too 🙂

  3. Have a great time. Wish I could join you.

  4. Janice Gravelines

    Oh my! I’ve been so busy I actually forgot that annual MMM is in progress!! How I wish I were with you guys! Lift a beer, a martini, a brownie, a delectible Dopey cookie or anything else for me! Have a fabulous time!

  5. Oh MY what a wonderful time we had!! Iris made sure the weather was perfect and it sure was! HB and I are getting very fond of Frankfort….to the point of looking at moving there…talk about heaven on earth!! I expect that if we were to move there we would still take vacation at the Wayfarer….just for the ring bologna and stout and the WONDERFUL Innkeeper!! Thanks again Iris!! xoxoxoxo

    • Gee now, I didn’t think that I would hear from you again, the way that I ignored youse guys.
      I am eating the last of the Ring balogna, if you can believe that. Thank goodness you only come
      once a year otherwise I would be twice the size I am now 😯

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