The puddle in the drive way

As I sit here, listening to the incredible noise that’s going on outside, I am reminded of the puddle in the drive way and what a fun thing it is to have one of those.
The noise is coming from the birds. It is one incredible spectacle out there. Let’s just say the birds are busy calling for mates and building nests and they are fighting with the squirrels who always put their 2 cents in as well.

Many years ago we noticed after a good, healthy downpour that the dip in our drive way was the perfect birdbath.  The little gold finches and Indigo Buntings sit on the “rim”, the big fat robins, Blue Jays and Cardinals are  in the very center splashing like crazy.
There is actually a hierarchy and some birds shush the little ones away until the big birds are done bathing and have flown off.  Then the little ones get to use the bath.
Mike immediately bought a birding book and counted, over time,  36 species of birds in our yard and in the birdbath.  We would sit on the back stoop and watch the boys play in the sandbox or by the swing set and watch the birds bathing in the puddle.  Pretty soon guests would stop by and we’d all watch together.

There’s another puddle in the driveway.  The one where the asphalt meets the gravel.  My boys used to take all their African animals out there and pretended to play by the “water hole”, like the animals in The Lion King movie.  There the boys were laying in the dirt, playing in the puddle having a blast.  Cars would drive in and could not go through, so they parked right in the driveway until the road was cleared of boys and beasts.
Those were really fun times.

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