What I love about summer…

…guests sitting outside, conversing with each other, sharing a story and becoming friendly. I am particularly reminded of Joe S.  He is from Chicago, in his early thirties, he drives a shnazzy flitzer and he is single.  Joe comes quite a few times during the season.  He sits out there, drinks his coffee and has conversations with just about every guest that comes out to join him on the front lawn.
In the evenings he’ll want to sit by the fire pit, sometimes he’s there all by himself, often other guests will join him.  And very often he’ll be sitting right outside my kitchen, beer in hand, chatting with Mike.  He feels at home here, and we love that about summer.

Mustang Mike aka Mike 5  aka The Guest in # 8 – has arrived with his girl. He is another one of those guests who are right at home here and sometimes even show up in my kitchen and make fun of me.

See for yourself:

Mike 5 with ears and his friend Olaf the Horrible with my Cirque de Soleil hat
Mike 5 with ears and his friend Olaf the Horrible

wearing my Cirque de Soleil hat, heehee

6 thoughts on “What I love about summer…

  1. I always loved cooking out on the front lawn and playing horse shoes. Wish I could get up to see you guys. Hopefully I can get there this year.

  2. Hi Tim, wow, it has been a long time since I have heard from you. How is the bar business going?
    We’d love to see you here!!

  3. thebestthingscomeintwos

    Is Joe S. from Chicago looking for a wife!? He sounds like a cool guy!

  4. Heeeellllooooo…remember your beautiful “single” sister-in-law?

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