The boat arrived!

Dorothy called yesterday afternoon to let me know that the Sleeping Bear Dunes Cruise boat would be coming into Frankfort at 7 PM for the first time and to find it’s new home in front of the library.

Ty needed to go into school for the band concert. He isn’t in band anymore but wanted to “impress Katie” by showing up at the event, which is “geeky mom”.  He drove Mike and myself into town, dropped himself off at school, Mike and I then proceeded on to the nearest bar for a cocktail and to wait for the boat to come into the harbor.  First we went to Dinghy’s and then to the Villa Marine with a better view of the harbor and bay.  Nothing, no boat, nothing.  At 8:30 Ty calls to go home and we jump in the car to pick him up when I see this shiny white boat docked at the library.

Sleeping Bear Dunes Cruise Boat

Sleeping Bear Dunes Cruise Boat <—–That is a mouth full for the people that answer the phone down there, oy. Almost a bit of a disappointment to look at. It’s so plain and white. I have never paid attention to tour vehicles before, but aren’t the London double decker buses RED?   I was looking for a more fun color scheme.  Anyway, here is the boat – feast your eyes on it and think about the great fun and beautiful sights you’ll see when you get here this summer.

This is where the boat is docked

Boat at the libraryBoat at the library

4 thoughts on “The boat arrived!

  1. Hmm, I wonder why those boats are always that color too. Must be a reason for it. Just can’t imagine what it is.

  2. Christine Tilley

    Maybe it’s a Jersey thing but our tour boats are painted to be noticed. One in flourescent (sp?) colors, another is painted to look like a shark. The shark one is a high speed boat that takes you on the ocean to dolphin and whale watch. When that boat gets kicked into high gear, OMG all you can do is scream and laugh. And oh yeah, you get really, really wet. It’s so much fun. Shannon and I try to do it every year.

    The white boat looks alot more sophisticated then ours. Maybe that’s what they’re going for. I bet the sights on that tour are so pretty. Maybe one day……

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