The walking sticks

To my neighbors on Grace Road, I must be quite a sight – walking like some freak around the cabins with my walking sticks.
First I practiced with those things dragging behind me, then I started swinging my arms, like one does when walking- natural like 😉  Then I got serious and used those things to push and use my upper body.  Wow, it is actually fun.  The next thing I’ll do is go “off property” and let myself be seen by others.  That’s always a problem for me.  I’d like to do my thing in an invisible bubble.
So the plan is to walk from here to Lui’s house and back on the short leg of the Betsie Valley Trail.  It starts in downtown Elberta, about 3/4 of a mile from here, splits into the short leg to Frankfort (about 2 miles long)  and on the long 19 mile leg it goes all the way to Thompsonville.  .  If I don’t make it back then….errrrr…. I’ll make her drive me home :mrgreen:

One thought on “The walking sticks

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