The trials and tribulations of innkeeping

I was just skyping with Janice, aka Llama – my buddy from my favorite Disney discussion board. We talked about how she thought that we had an idyllic life but that she would not be able to do my job.  She said that she couldn’t stand the thought of setting up a cottage a certain way and make it perfect in her eyes and then to have someone come and touch things and move them  😯  Here are her exact words:  “I’d be horrible at it – I’d have something set just perfect in a cabin and be mad if someone touched it.”
Weeeeeell, I have news for Janice,  I am that way too but what are ya gonna do about it?  Put on the blinders!  Some guests will completely re-arrange a cabin, others leave a huge mess and then others totally surprise you and the cabins look like no one had been in them,  and some even add to the decor.  Every guest is different and that keeps things interesting.

During our first spring here, we had several guests calling us on the phone to see and hear what “the new people” that are running the Wayfarer are like.  It was much like being interviewed for a job.
One lady even drove up all the way from the Detroit area one Sunday afternoon to point out to Mike and I that # 7 was her cabin, she likes the couch where it is and she doesn’t want us to think about replacing the couch as it is very comfortable 😕   She told us that she’d been a guest here for 20 years and had to put up with 2 owners and their changes and that every time there was a new owner, she had to make adjustments.  OK!

Mike and I smiled and put the lady at ease.  She actually stayed with us for 2 weeks in July for the next 5 years but she was never really happy with anything we did.  And then one day we noticed that the lady hadn’t made her usual reservation.
It’s sad to lose a guest when you think you can’t do any more for them than you are already doing.  It makes me feel like a failure.  I am getting better though, I try not to take these things personal and they really only happen rarely.

One of these days, oh heck, why wait?  I will tell you now the story of Mr. Tw.  who knew of my affliction of wanting to please everyone until they gush with joy.  For years he completely took advantage of me with his requests, which I realize now, were way out of line and I should have told him to find accommodations more to his liking somewhere else.  Luckily he thought of that himself.

7 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of innkeeping

  1. thosebowmangirls

    Reminds me of a brain surgeon I had staying at my B&B I had in Mississippi. He came down grumpy saying “that stupid coffee maker in my room doesn’t work!” Luckily, I had just brewed coffee for breakfast, and soothed him with a cup. I had just purchased all of those coffemakers from Sysco, and they were not cheap. Well, I went upstairs to make up his room, and he had not put in the lid part that is needed for the stop-and-pour feature, and the maker wouldn’t let it go through. I patiently showed him when he returned, and pointed out the easy instructions from the manufacturer on the top of the machine. Well, needless to say, I am glad I wasn’t in need of a brain surgeon, because he never did succeed in using it,(probably wouldn’t read directions) and left a “coffee makers don’t work” in the register under comments. He probably didn’t “play well with others” in kindergarten, either!

    Keep up the good work, Julie

  2. Janice Gravelines

    What an honour to be immortalized in your Blog, Iris! I stand by my statement that I would be a terrible Innkeeper. And I’d be needy too – aren’t these flowers beautiful? Don’t you like the way I made the beds? I’ll stick to living vicariously through you!

  3. Reblogged this on Adventures of an Innkeeper and commented:

    wow, looking through some of my blogs from the first year, this one fell into my lap. We have had some fantastic guests this weekend. Everyone that stayed was a regular guest. It’s like having family come to visit…

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