Making friends

In the last 5 years I have been a member of a Disney discussion board. We have a lot of fun there and that’s where I have befriended 6 or 7 really wonderful ladies and one guy.  We have the strangest names. My “oldest” friend is Ivanka who calls herself lovemysons. There’s Christine, who is mickeyspal,  doughnut, Llama,  BossMouse, WDWRules, alilmagical, timsha, MissDisney, AnaheimBoy, Bransworld. I guess that’s a few more than 6 or 7 and one guy, huh?  Oh, and I am Dopey 🙂 Then there are Peppertink and Ready2Go – those two actually met on that Disney board and got married not quite a year ago. We exchange Disney Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards every year and some of us have actually met on our Disney trips. Some of these nice people followed me here and are commenting on my posts all the time.

So now to the crux of the story.  Christine lives in a resort town as well and just today, she sent me a box filled with goodies from that area, including brochures, which I love to look at.  This is the most thoughtful thing ever.  I am actually speechless.  She had something in that box for everyone in the family including Bear – that’s pretty cool for a cat woman.

I took pictures.  Since the people that I live with aren’t home yet, I can only show you the packages.  I can’t wait for my people to get here…This one is for meeeeeThis one is for meeeee

this is what was inside, a charm for my new charm bracelet, yay!This is what was inside, a charm for my new charm bracelet, yay! Dang, you can’t see, it’s the cutest little Sterling Silver beach chair with! umbrella, so darn cute.

and the packages for my peopleand the packages for my people

SSSaweeetsSSSaweeets and what I think is a bone for Bear.

OMG, let me go and open the fudge and saltwater taffy.  I can see the pounds piling on to my hips 😯

Do I have to share or can I hide it in the cupboard?

Thank you Christine!

7 thoughts on “Making friends

  1. Christine Tilley

    You’re very welcome. I feel special now. Thanks.

  2. Oh my gosh, how wonderfully thoughtful. You are special Christine! Things like this make my heart sing.

  3. thebestthingscomeintwos

    MB is such a great place! Thanks to all you ladies for sharing your lives with me!

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