Since starting this blog

I have noticed that I pay a little more attention to my surroundings and find myself taking pictures of things that I would have never thought to take pictures of before.  If you would like to see something or want me to write about something that I haven’t written about yet, I may not be thinking about it, I must be told and my nose shtoopped into it.

Robbyn wanted to know if I knew of any ghost stories.

I have never heard of a ghost story in Benzie County. We’ve had one “high profile” murder here about 3 or 4 years ago (see Dateline NBC) other than that, no ghosts that I know of – this is the time to consult our resident historian, Art Schneider. (making a note)

Now for Point Betsie Lighthouse, until about 7 years ago some U.S.Coast Guard personel and their families had their living quarters there until it was no longer possible to fix the always broken heating system. A group called the Friends of Point Betsie Lighthouse strated to fix it up in 2004.
Mike was on their board and as luck would have it, he knew how to get original blue prints and he even found the original Fresnel lense that helped to guide the ships.  The lense is suppose to come back to the lighhouse to be put on display.

The beach around the lighthouse is a treasure trove of Petosky stones.

6 thoughts on “Since starting this blog

  1. What about a ghost story? Does Frankfort have any haunted houses or downtown buildings? What about Point Bestie? Any scary tales you would like to share?

  2. Christine Tilley

    Living in a resort town, I’m always interested in other resort towns and their goings on. I’d like to see your beach pics, favorite hang out pics and to see/hear all of your points of interest. Does your chamber post a calendar of events?

  3. Shelley Brown

    There was a ghost named Mary living in one of the big houses on Leelanau Avenue.

    • Shelley, Is it one of those Victorian houses? Dorothy mentioned something like that by email yesterday.
      Do you know anything about Mary?

      • Shelley Brown

        I know it’s a big house, it sits up on the hill looking down on Leelanau Ave. My cousin dated a girl who lived there years ago. He told of how things would be moved by “Mary”. She moved dishes in the kitchen, plants hanging from the ceiling, etc. She was a “friendly ghost”. My mom may have more info for you. I don’t know who owns it now.

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