When taking reservations…

Have I told you about the farmer and his family? heehee.  Sit down and read this story from our distant past as innkeepers:

Maybe 10 years or so ago I took a reservation from someone who, obviously, was not used to staying anywhere besides his own house.  It was an awkward process but we got through it.  He and his wife and 3 kids wanted to stay in #9. Alright, tight but it can be done.
The family wanted to attend and participate in the accordion festival in Cedar.  That’s quite a distance from here.  I was not sure what to make of that because they could have found accommodations much closer but who am I to talk them out of staying here?
I remember the family arrived  long past 1 AM. We stayed up for them because we knew there would be confusion if we didn’t.
The father steps out of the van, his wife is driving the van, I see the “kids” coming out of the van and about fainted  😯  They were in their mid to late 20’s and big, tall men.  I said to the dad “you told me you were bringing your kids, those are not kids”  and he replied “those are my kids”.
I felt so bad, how could all of them be comfortable?  “Ok” – dad says it will be just fine, they all like each other…
They were really nice people

Mike showed the missus where to park the van and she inched her way to the spot.  Finally Mike asked her, why was she driving so slow?  and her answer was “I am being careful, I don’t want to drive into the lake”
You all know how funny that is because the Lake is about 600 yards away and down a big bluff, heh!

We laughed and they laughed along the next morning when they saw there was no water close by 😀
The moral of that story is, I think, always ask what ages any children are when taking reservations.


Surprise, here is a random picture for you that I forgot to post earlier in April 🙂


“Keepsake” on Forest Avenue in Frankfort.

2 thoughts on “When taking reservations…

  1. thebestthingscomeintwos

    Hi Iris– alilmagical here. I just read your entire blog! Whew! I have officially decided that I love your life! I’m adding Innkeeper to my list of potential future careers! I know this sounds like a scarcastic comment, but its not! I really mean it!

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