Happy Mother’s Day


I hope all of you wonderful mothers had a splendid morning, so far.

My boys actually wanted to take me out to breakfast but I didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds. Instead  I made pancakes, bacon and eggs for the little darlin’s

Then I asked them to do the dishes for me and that turned out to be a disaster. The kitchen looked worse after they were done than before they started.  Oy!    Not cute.  Cute was when they were 5 years old and came home from kindergarten one Friday all excited: “Mama, mama, do you know that Sunday is Mother’s Day and that you’re suppose to make breakfast in bed for us?”  errr…”no, I did not know that!” 😯

Now we’re off to Dorothy’s house to see what she’s making for dinner, heehee.

6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. i would like it to be noted that we actualy tried to do the dishes the fact that we did a “poor job” is do to the fact that her standards are far to high.

  2. Christine Tilley

    Ummmm, you are your mother’s son…….:) !

  3. How hard is it to put them in the dishwasher??? Of course she has high standards…look who she married.

  4. I almost hear violins in the background Tyler.

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