Pure Michigan

I am sure by now most of you have seen the Pure Michigan adds on TV. If not, I’ll post a video in the comment section of this part of the blog. The voice over was done by Tim Allen who is very loyal to Michigan. He has a beautiful sailboat which he “parks” in Frankfort every summer.  Here he can be himself, walk around, go into a restaurant or store and no one will bother him.  He’s just another guest and I think that is wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Pure Michigan

  1. Christine Tilley

    I love the new version of your blog. The Michigan commercial is playing here in NJ. I’ve seen two versions. One version has clips of a fishing wharf. I’ve seen the same pics on MMM 1 TR on MB.

  2. Growing up in lower Michigan I have been going “Up North” for vacation ever since I was small. We have since moved and live in central Indiana. My husband and I have traveled many places around the world and still I get excited, day dreaming about our next trip “Up North.”

    Lake Michigan is like a giant ocean where you don’t have to worry about jelly fish or sharks. You can walk for miles on the beach, the water is clear and the trees are beautiful. I noticed a painting my aunt had of Point Betsey in her livingroom about 20 years ago. We got directions and stopped to see it once on our way home from Mackinaw Island. We have been coming up to Frankfort ever since, it’s our very favorite place. I’m counting the days until our next trip up.

    • Start packing, Robbyn, the next trip is not that far away 🙂
      You are right, Lake Michigan is like an ocean. The only thing missing is the salt in the water, on the lips and in the air. We are lucky to live here.

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