Deep down I am a girl after all…

I went into town the other day to go to Momentum, on Main Street in Frankfort, and get myself a fleece vest or two in colors other than black. Seems my “uniform” is black.  I felt like crazy colors that day and Momentum was not open.  So I tooled into Hull’s to have a quick chat with Mariah.  There she was rummaging around in this box full of little, tiny charms from Brighton.
I lourve little, tiny things and was immediately sucked in.   So, she pulled out a bracelet and we added charm after charm.  Pretty soon the charm bracelet looked charming 😉 and I had to buy it.

M for Michigan, Mike, Marc?M for Michigan, Mike, Marc?
And just look at that little sail boat with the fish attached at the bottom 🙂

Martini Glass, heehee

Martini Glass, heehee

The Michigan CherryThe Michigan Cherry

Meanwhile I have already added a couple more charms and a whole lot of spacers as I went back, to feed my new addiction, the very next day.

Yes I am feeling fine – thank you for asking.
I will be alright, I promise.  This, too, shall pass 8)
But not before my men are going to treat me to some more of these little treasures for Mother’s Day.

With boys like these, I BELIEVE that I deserve something


4 thoughts on “Deep down I am a girl after all…

  1. Christine Tilley

    I think all boys are cut from the same cloth. Even the big boys. The more disgusting the funnier it is. Oy! I love your bracelet. I had a thing for charm bracelets a few years back and my obsession quickly faded but they’ve come out with some new, really cute stuff nowadays. I may have to revisit this trend again. (Martini glass, cute. Now you need a cat.)

  2. You need to tell Christine about your cat phobia…maybe a chicken but never a cat…

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