A new cookie giveaway!

We have a winner!

Sarah and Rob got it.


I have been trying to find plastic barnyard fowl and have had no luck.  I need some chickens or geese or both to place in certain spots in the yard behind the little front row cottages.  Dan Walenta from Walenta’s variety store in Frankfort keeps telling me that he would have to charge too much for them. Blah.

I probably could find something like that at a store in the big town of Traverse City, problem is, I forget to look for them whenever I am there and remember that I forgot it, again, as soon as I am back home.

I need those birds to fill in some holes in the ground. If I set those chickens on the hole, the danger that someone would step into that hole and break their ankle is slimmer than if I left the holes uncovered, right?!

I have been looking on the internet, because I am really good at shopping on the internet. Nothing. Either I don’t know what to ask for to get the right results or there aren’t any plastic chickens out there.  I do know that the company that used to make those pink flamingos isn’t making them any longer, but hey! no more chickens? That cannot be.

The last chicken by cottage 5 died a painful death.  There it was standing by the waterheater, keeping a hole nicely covered, just doing it’s job when a mini van full of slightly inebriated golfers carreened into it and smashed it to smithereens.  So I picked up the little darlin’ and put it back together with the help of about 50 band aids. The kind that NEVER stick on your finger for longer than it takes to eat a rugelach roll .  Back to # 5 the chicken went.  This time she would do her duty upside down with her chicken feet in the air, like a proper dead chicken.  Would you believe that for  3 years that good chicken never even lost one band aid?

I have also had geese sitting by # 2 for a long time but then Marc learned how to mow and mowed that poor dear over a few times.  First he mowed off her feet, then he got her by the beak.

So here is your task for this giveaway:

Come up with an online  source of those barnyard animals for me or just say ‘hello’ and maybe give me an idea of what to place over the holes.  Comment once a day.   The more comments the bigger your chance of winning those cookies.  A name will be picked out of the hat on Saturday, May 9,  5PM.

Can you see the goose?Can you see the goose on the lower left ?  It’s the only picture I have.

Here’s what you can win.  Not just a little bag full, no, the whole batch of cookies 😉

the prize

the prize




41 thoughts on “A new cookie giveaway!

  1. Here’s one that is only $14.99 – I don’t know how big you want it.


    You could also buy those half barrel things put some flowers in them and cover the holes.

    Is that what you had in mind?

  2. http://www.lawnornamentsandfountains.com

    They have roosters and hens and chicks! Choose “Animal Statues and Lawn Ornaments” on the left, then “Farm animal Statues” about halfway down the page. I think these are concrete…but they might survivie the inebriated golfers that way! I will keep hunting for plastic.

  3. Rob and Sarah Steiner

    These are realistic, no feet though.

    If you want the cutsie, dressup ones, the bird in hand website mentioned above seem to be the cheapest.

  4. Rob and Sarah Steiner

    The link didn’t go through so,
    sportsmansguide.com, 6 – Pk. Hidgon® Standard Size Half – Shell Canada Goose Decoys, 49.97.

  5. Hi Iris.

    I think it would be amazing if you planted organic gardens and fruit trees all around the cottages. It would be like staying in a little farm/orchard. Your guests could purchase fresh, local, seasonal, organic produce from you and not have to shop at the markets as much and I’m sure you have some awesome pie recipes…
    I miss your place and think about it often.
    James Pszanka

    • Aw James, we have missed you around here.

      I love your idea with the organic fruits and gardens. I wish I could do it all. If the guests don’t help, which is something we don’t want to ask of them, then I need you to come and help.
      Mike is not working with me any more, he’s got himself a real job now, so, I have even less time.
      When I think of you, I think ‘blueberries’

  6. My last reply to your terrific blog had to do with cemeteries and
    genealogy; so does this one!

    Is it just coincidence that Dr. Thacker, whom you just mentioned,
    shares his surname with the famous murder victim/probable murderer in
    Benzonia in the 1880’s? Thacker is not a common name, and the long arm
    of coincidence does reach far; however, I’d like to learn the truth.

    Incidentally, the Thacker murder house is now for sale and is being
    renovated. It’s one block south of the post office in Benzonia, on the
    same side of US 31.

    • What else do you know? You are going to dig deeper, Art, won’t you?
      If you don’t watch out, I am going to make you a contributor to this blog and then you have to get to work here 😉

  7. You can get plastic owls at farm supply or garden supply stores. They
    are used to scare birds away from gardens and orchards. About a foot or
    18″ tall and very realistically painted. I have one in my bedroom —
    she silently watches over me…

    See ya in July.

  8. Christine Tilley

    Here’s what I’ve found. This was a tough search.




    I hope this helps. Off to do another search. Me like cookies!!

  9. Iris, I think you are just a very funny person–funny in a good way! I smile every time I read one of your blogs. Who would think about finding chickens to cover holes in the ground so people won’t fall and break a leg????—-Iris, that’s who! …

    I hope you find your chickens!


  10. Christine Tilley

    I thought this was interesting. Very interesting folks live in Michigan……lol


  11. ummmm, I was just thinking that some of you might find it strange that I would stick plastic chickens into holes rather than fill in the hole.
    I cannot fill in the hole because it provides access to the water main 😉

  12. I find it more interesting that you are still grilling the cat.

  13. Christine Tilley

    LOL Donut!!

  14. Give up on plastic and look for cement chickens. They won’t blow away and they last for a good long time.

    • But then when one kicks it because it was a bad day on the golf course, or the fish didn’t bite, it would hurt – a lot.
      Also, can I turn a cement chicken on its head? I’ll have to think about that/

  15. The kicking part is why I thought the cement ones would be better after all who wants to look at a dented chicken.haha

    • Better to look at a dented chicken than having to pay for a broken foot and loosing a guest, heehee.
      I tell you what, Leonard, you find us a chicken mold and while you’re here you and the gang can poor some concrete chickens. I like this idea.

  16. Christine Tilley

    Congratulations to you both Rob and Sarah!! Enjoy!!

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