When Hollywood came calling

Some of you know that Michigan is giving movie makers tremendous tax breaks to make their movies here in our state.

Last year, the whole of northern Michigan was busy accommodating a bunch of people from Hollywood who first scouted for locations and then did some filming in Frankfort and surrounding areas for about a week.  I was lucky enough to have the scouting director and his assistant staying with me about 1 month before the filming started and when they finally started to work here, the Wayfarer as well as a few other lodging places were very busy.

One of the guys that stayed with me for over a week was a set designer from Australia.  He had no car and didn’t know how to get to our place from the airport in Traverse City, so he rented a driver/van from a resort that I had never even heard of. Very strange and I never found out how he finagled that.  But there he was, so tired and interesting looking.
When I still lived in the “big city”, people dressed in all sorts of styles and that was perfectly normal to me. I mean to tell you that even I had green and pink hair before anyone in America ever dreamed of it. Now after having lived in the country side for so long, I did a double take.

This guy had that 70’s air about him. He was in his mid thirties, about six and a half feet tall, had huge shoulders, shoulder length blond, curly hair, beard, tan, platform boots which made him look even taller and weirder, a pink lace shirt over an orange colored t-shirt.  Interesting look.
He arrived around 9 o’clock at night and was hungry, so I drove him to the Mayfair Restaurant, where he could get something to go and then I took him back home.  It was a nice evening and quite warm,  he sat outside and ate his dinner while he told me all about his girlfriend in California and his life there and missing Australia. I do know about homesickness.
After that, I really didn’t see him much anymore other than watching him work in town, when I had to go and do my shopping there. He had to be on the set at 5 am and never got home before 11pm.  They completely re-arranged the  Bakery
and Hulls and filmed in there for a few days.
Oh, that reminds me of a story that Mariah had to tell. Since she’s not here, I’ll be the story teller:  The film people were working at Mariah’s place and a real customer wandered in as they were filming. The filming stopped.  The lady wanted to purchase a gift certificate. Not knowing how to handle that,  the script person called Mariah’s mother at home and told her that there was a customer in the store. Mariah’s mother blurted into the phone “Well, then sell her something”, and hung up the phone.   Don’t you think that’s hilarious?
Also I wonder if that customer ever noticed that something wasn’t quite right in there that day, heehee

The movie is called “Youth in Revolt” and it has a few recognizable people in it: Ray Liotta, Michael Cera, Fred Willard, Jean Smart and Steve Buscemi of Fargo fame 😉 among others and it should come into a theater near you sometime this year.

4 thoughts on “When Hollywood came calling

  1. Christine Tilley

    That’s pretty cool. You lead an interesting life Iris. I wish you had some pics! The guy sounds very interesting.

    • He was, I had pictures of the filming downtown but after looking at them, there wasn’t anything of interest to show someone who wasn’t there, ya know? So I deleted them and I certainly wouldn’t have taken pictures of this guy, he would have known that it was just to point out what he looked like, heh!
      I have to see if Bob from the Bakery has a picture or two, after all, they made him an extra in the movie 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing Iris. I can’t wait to see this movie. Was it completely filmed in Frankfort?

    I am loving your journal. Missed the last cookie contest as we were in TN at our sons graduation this weekend.

    • No Robbyn, the largest part of the movie was filmed in the Detroit area. They came up here and filmed in a trailer park in Lelanau and some a few scenes in Frankfort. It is curious that they would travel so far, spend so much money to remodel actual places in order to make them fit the movie. The story takes place in California so, all the cars they used had California plates. I wonder why they couldn’t just film all the inside scenes on a sound stage. Lots of questions. I so would love to work behind the scenes of a movie or TV. It’s really interesting.

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