The house on Nippising?

Remember the house on Nipissing Avenue?   I know who’s it was and how it’s still connected to Frankfort.  Do you want to hear what I found out?  – Of course you do…

It didn’t belong to a Dentist like LuAnn thought, it belonged to a well loved and very respected Doctor in Frankfort. Carol Bowman, who you saw pictured on euchre night in my dining room, told me that he was her doctor when she was pregnant with her daughter Julie, who was sitting in the kitchen on euchre night.
I haven’t lost you already, have I?
Anyway, Dr. Thacker had an office downtown Frankfort behind the drug store, where  now there is a brand new toy store.
Carol told me that one of  Dr. Thacker’s daughters lives in Frankfort still and, yeeehaw, I know her – it’s Cindy Blanchard.  And lucky me, I saw Cindy at the grocery store just yesterday and was able to ask a bunch of questions.
She says that the house was built in the 1920’s, which we already knew from the style of the house.  She also says that she never really liked it because it just didn’t fit into the neighborhood.  It now belongs to her nephew who uses it as his summer home.
Dr. Thacker was one of the doctors who built Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, where Cindy B. and I and so many others are members of the Auxiliary.
Small world, huh?

~to be continued…~

2 thoughts on “The house on Nippising?

  1. It is a small world..that’s why we have to always be on our good behavior !! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a summer home like that !

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