So I made these pastries

I made these wonderful little treasures last night for the “Teacher Appreciation Breakfast”, which was held this morning.  The recipe came from the Pioneer Woman and I doctored it up a bit.  Actually I substituted some things for others. The basic dough is a cinnamon roll turned Rugelach by adding chocolate and nuts/fruits.   I used cherry jam, Graceland Fruits dried cherries, which I soaked in orange juice for a little while, Godiva chocolate and chopped pecans, then a sprinkling of powdered sugar to decorate and finish the goodies. Youza!  Delicious, scrumptious, heavenly. I will try and post the recipe in the Victuals page later today or tomorrow if anyone is interested, so let me know. And now, feast your eyes on these :

RugelachRugelach – sort of 🙂

Do you want to see a whole plate full?


11 thoughts on “So I made these pastries

  1. I am drooling……

  2. Christine Tilley

    Yummy, slurp…………I’d like to have the receipe please. I now dub you Martha Jr. 🙂

  3. OMG, youse guys, those things were simply heavenly.

  4. Maybe you should make some for this weekend???

  5. I wish I lived just a little closer…..

  6. Kay has jury duty for the next two weeks so she won’t be able to make me any. So sad They look and sound great. I want some.

  7. Joyce Ochowicz

    Iris, I’d love to have the recipe. What is the Victuals page? Anyway, the goodies look delicious.

    I’m having fun reading your blog and enjoying Benzie County vicariously and I truly enjoy your unique view of life as an innkeeper. I hope to be able to get up your way some time this summer or maybe fall.


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