I want chickens

I have wanted chickens for a long time. Problem is, I have no idea what it entails  to raise chickens.
Martha Stewart says “it is easy” .  Never mind that she has about 150 full time gardeners and 10 housekeepers there, not to mention the stable personnel taking care of her livestock 🙄
I want pretty chickens, the kind that you could take to the 4H club – the kind that, after a good brushing, would win a prize.  But I also want some eggs.  I looooove eggs.

Can you eat the eggs from chickens that look like that?Can you eat the eggs from chickens that look like that?

See what I mean?

or that?

See what I mean?See what I mean?

Also, I hear that they are smelly and loud. What would the guests think?

Is it possible that I sniffed that paint in the entry way a minute too long?

Opinions please!

16 thoughts on “I want chickens

  1. Christine Tilley

    Ewwwwwwww……….We’re currently dealing with the Swine Flu. There’s Bird Flu too. Ick, no way. Get pretty pictures of chickens and frame them. Not everything Martha does is a good idea.

    • Don’t let Martha hear that, Christine. No, I think it would be fun to have those things running around.
      We might board a horse here too, if those people can get their act together, build that fence and lean-to. This might be a regular amusement park for Nature Lovers, heehee

  2. OH I see. I asked for opinions and that’s what I got. If I get chickens, you won’t come to visit, huh?

  3. Girl, I think you have flipped your lid! Mike better have you checked out. I think you been left alone to long.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Kay did you see what Don wrote in your name?
      You crack me up Don 😀
      So you do believe it is that paint which I sniffed a bit too much of. Rats. If this is how it goes, we’ll just have to stick to the soup and salad garden, huh?

  4. Michael McPhillips

    You want chickens, huh? Every meat eating critter in 3 counties will enjoy eating your chickens unless you construct a proper hen house. That’s expensive. And then there is the smell and the flies. Maybe you should start out with a couple of interesting ducks instead. They are hardier and require less care. Or a really cute Nubian goat would make a nice addition to the household. LOL

    Warm regards from Ann Arbor.

    • Hi Michael, I see where all of this is going…

      I could possibly afford to build a chicken coop and install an air freshner in there somewhere but I don’t think I can keep the critters quiet enough, can I?

  5. Christine Tilley

    I’m not afraid of Martha…………I can take her. Ha! When I do come and visit…………the chickens must keep their distance. Get a cat their cuter. How’s Marti?

  6. Maybe you can use mom and Fuzz’s barn?

  7. No No No, you most certainly do not want any chickens.

    What Mr. Michael McPhillips from Ann Arbor was too gracious and polite to mention was the nasty guano, droppings, etc. Good Heavens woman! Just say no to chickens!!

    Not to mention the fact that you do have a retriever roaming about the property as well. What would he think??

    • I can see how it is. That chicken idea is totally dead on arrival.
      I am going to listen. Besides, I don’t think I have time for all that I am starting. Somehow after a long, sleepy winter, I always go nuts with ideas.

  8. Shelley Brown

    I take care of chickens at a sancuary I volunteer at – they are VERY smelly! They are actually a very interesting animal though. They like peanuts, grapes, berries, melon, corn and lettuce as treats. I hear their eggs are wonderful – I haven’t tried them – I prefer them already boxed from the store! They will sometimes peck at each other and cause alot of noise then, but otherwise the only noisy ones are the roosters. Good luck!

    • Hi Shelley,
      I think that I will go with the majority here and give up my chicken dream. I have a feeling my guests will be happy to hear that 🙂
      It was fun to contemplate it though, got you guys all excited, heehee.

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