New Grandbaby got in the way!

Dangit now,  some of us were looking forward to the promised pictures of wonderful scenes around K’s and J’s house.  Kathy got a bee up her bonnet and suddenly left yesterday afternoon to go east and visit a new grandbaby in Baltimore.

Speaking of bees up one’s bonnet… I am leaving now to go to Putney’s nursery in Arcadia.  They really have the most beautiful plants for not so much money, enough money but not as much as some charge.   And they are always ready to give advice.  I guess I could show you what sort of flowers we grow around here at the Wayfarer. Oh and I forgot to mention that Fuzz, Dorothy’s husband works for Putney’s.

So without further delay…


This is my ‘soup and salad chair’.  Everything in there is edible!


this is the flowerbox on # 7

And now I am on my way to buy this seasons beauties 🙂

Traveling south on M-22,  I catch Glovers Lake Road and head east until I turn onto this dirt road

dsc018001which brings me right to Putney’s


Putney's green houses

This is JaneThis is Jane. She’s amazing. That’s all I’m gonna say.  She knows her plants like no one else.  She grows all that she sells – she knows !

Until this year, I have never seen her with shoes on her feet 😯




Here’s what I got today.  Creeping Flox, Primroses, Pansies and Daisies. Oh and Bridal Vail and another really pretty one. I can’t remember the name though. Once that all is in the ground and in the boxes I can go back for more. I have a habit of buying and not planting.


This is the corner of Glovers Lake Road and M-22.  I am facing west and should be turning right/north to go home.  Which direction did I go?

Cliffhanger – muahahahahaaaaa

4 thoughts on “New Grandbaby got in the way!

  1. Christine Tilley

    Pretty flowers……..We were going to go plant shopping this weekend but it’s supposed to rain. Iris, can you give us any history on the Wayfarer? And maybe some more pics of your lovely establishment? The shoe pic didn’t come through for me. Dang it, Curiosity peaked!

  2. ummmm, Christine, what shoe picture? I am drawing a blank

    Yes, yes, I could show you more pictures of the Wayfarer
    You can also go on the photo tour here
    I will sit down and show you more.

  3. Jane also makes great soaps and herbal sprays…

  4. Christine Tilley

    No shoe picture. I read the caption wrong. I don’t multi task too well. Can’t work and read blogs accurately at the same time!

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