So I grabbed my bumbershoot…

…  and went into town.  Before it started to rain it was very pleasant – we awoke to 54 degrees and sunshine.  Now this rain.  Grrrrr…..spring!
Nothing happening today.  Tomorrow, however,  I am going to get some really awsome pictures from Kathy to post for all of you.  I am excited about that. Wait until you see.

To tide you over until then, here is someting from the old archives

Photos by Mike Shiedeler, a.k.a. Mustang Mike, a.k.a. “The guest in #8”

sunset in Frankfort
Sunset in Frankfort late summer 2008


Elberta Dunes late summer 2008

5 thoughts on “So I grabbed my bumbershoot…

  1. Oh my, those are lovely pictures from the guest in #8.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow. I think. 🙂

  2. Oh and, what’s a bumbershoot?

    • According to the Webster:
      One entry found.

      Main Entry:
      bumber- (alteration of umbr- in umbrella) + -shoot (alteration of -chute in parachute)
      circa 1896
      : umbrella

  3. I thought so.

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