Last Night,

Mike and I went to an annual event at a resort down the road from us.

The Spring Fling

The Invitation

The Invitation

It is held each spring to benefit our local students, kindergarten through 12th grade.  We have about 500 students in elementary and high school combined. This is always an evening we look forward to.  We get to see people we only see at benefits, our paths don’t cross very often during the year. Great fun and some really wonderful auction items to sink our teeth into. And that we did.
We bought a golf outing at Crystal Downs at the request of 3 of our guests who come every September on their “Northern Michigan Golf Extravaganza”.  We get it for them every year.


For myself I got some really shnazzy gardening shears, 3 of them, and a gardening knife.  A beautiful set from Crystal Gardens

Garden shears

And then I hovered over this one item (the landscape package) that I desperately wanted and I got lucky.  The only problem was that I had to bid against a friend. Forgive me Arah Johnson.

I needed this prize more than you do, heehee. Besides, you have a DVC and I am still dreaming of owning one 😆

gift certificate1

Ok so here is this certificate for a half a flat of native plants, I got that too.
and then there’s the fertilizing package I bought and don’t even remember putting my bid number on.

fertilizer cert.

Mike was not happy about the lawn fertilizer thing. It means he or Pudd or Marc  has to mow more. I do not have to mow more. I do not mow. I do everything else 😉

And here is the coveted landscape design certificate. YahooooAnd here is the coveted landscape design certificate. Yahoooo

Amidst all that fun and spending of money, we missed 2 of our very favorite guests.  A really sweet couple, Beth and Rusty, from down state who spend a lot of time with us here at the Wayfarer . They had decided, nilly willy, to come up to Frankfort for Dinner at Dinghy’s and maybe, if we had room, spend the night, rather than driving home.  They emailed and called and even came here, but we never connected until this morning. We will see them in June.

And I will talk at you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Last Night,

  1. Christine Tilley

    So Mike came home empty handed? Are you going to share your shears?

  2. Oh I have to say I am now having shear envy.

    Happy has been chewing on mine. 😦

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