Fooffooffnick & Co.

You know what’s great? Today the phone is ringing off the hook.  That is great.
A lot of those calls are from people making reservations.  I call those people guests.  But then there are those “Hi, my name is Jason, I am with Fooffoffnick and Co.  and would like to speak to the person that makes decisions” phone calls…blah!
So now you want to know how I came up with that fictional company name, huh? Well this is how I did it.

Once upon a time, I knew this nice old, old man [Ed] who owned a small liquor store in downtown San Francisco (hole in the wall, really) in the middle of the block on Kearny Street, right between Post- and Sutter Streets.  What a crazy place that was.  Everybody would meet there all day long.  First he strictly sold liquor, then  he had added a few bar stools and a counter and offered coffee and doughnuts;  and by the time I blew into town in 1982,  he had a short order cook in there cooking egg McMuffin type things and other breakfast items on a tiny little stove with 2 burners and some old mangled up pots. Then he added sandwiches for the lunch crowd.  That crowd consisted of EVERYBODY from the beat cops, to the bankers, to the people from the TV station and ‘Good Morning San Francisco’, to Mamie Van Doren, when she was in town…
I tell you EVERYBODY including me.  I worked around the corner on Post Street.  So much fun. Ed was in his mid 70s when I first met him in 1982.  He could not remember most people’s names, so he called everyone Mr. or Mrs. Fooffooffnick. Errrr….what I really came here to say was, this is a good day, business wise and weather wise.  I am not going to clean any more cottages, I will be here waiting for the phone to ring some more 😉

2 thoughts on “Fooffooffnick & Co.

  1. Mystery solved. I always wondered where names like that came from. 🙂

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