Aftermath OR when did the last ones leave?

😯 at 11 o’clock! 😯

We had a great time at our euchre game last night, thank you for asking, LuAnn, you were missed.

Not too much card playing going on, but lots of wine flowing and fun food munching.  The attendees always change a little, so do the dynamics of the evening and this one was an evening of yapping until way too late even for me. I made some yawning sounds and eye fluttering around 9:30 but was completely ignored 😆   The last of the bunch were on their way home around 11 o’clock.  What I hadn’t told any of them is that I wanted to watch something on TV that starts at 10 o’clock.  Since most of the time we end the evenings around 9 – 9:30 I figured I’d be safe.  Figure again.

I think I withheld information yesterday.  Cindy and I decided to paint my entry way as well.  I wanted to hang a new mirror and in order to do that, we had to fix holes in the wall from the mirror that hung there before…
I have a lot of paint.  Some has never been opened. Bought in a fit of energy and left because something else came up.  I picked a quart of blue paint and a paintin’ we did.  It is not my favorite color and in good time I will change it again.  The whole adventure took about 30 minutes and we were done.  Good deal.

Cindy helping me paint the entry wayCindy helping me paint the entry way

entry way mirror

I got it at TJMaxx 🙂  it holds my keys which, until yesterday, just hung on nails on the wall.  Now I have a space for the dog leash, keys, and a bag or two.
I love it, don’t you?

On to the pictures of last night

some of the foodsome of the food and an empty bottle

from left to bottom: Carol, Donna, Sandy and Cindyfrom left to bottom: Carol, Donna, Sandy and Cindy

Cindy on the top left, with the beautiful red maneCindy on the top left, with the beautiful red mane

Those are all the pictures that turned out.  The other 4 girls were in the kitchen and those pictures just can’t be posted, they’re TERRIBLE.

Mr. C. from Indiana announced his impending arrival by phone a couple of days ago.  He stays with us every spring and he made his appearance yesterday afternoon.  Always happy to see him 🙂

I am off to clean some cottages that I neglected to clean on Sunday.  It is still the quiet season, that’s my excuse and I am sticking with it.

For dinner I will make Pioneer Woman’s “Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich”

5 thoughts on “Aftermath OR when did the last ones leave?

  1. Christine Tilley

    In a nutshell…………..the mirror, LOVE IT!, food looks yummy, what a good looking card playing group, and the man sandwich looks like something my man would like. I’ll have to print the recipe and try it out. And if it’s the Housewives show you refer to, Bravo will show it again this weekend. You really didn’t miss anything………….:) Have a great day my friend!

  2. That sandwich is out of this world and so easy, Christine.

    errr….you outed me to the world – yes it was the housewives. I caught the show when they repeated it at 11 while I cleaned up 😉


  3. Christine Tilley

    Oops……..sorry. Everyone is entitled to a guilty pleasure or two….

  4. Well I haven’t checked in the past couple of days, looks like you have been mighty busy.

    I eagerly await pictures of the entry way. What blue is it, that you do not like it??

    That mirror was an excellent find!

    I also can’t wait to try that sandwich.

    • Hey!!! good to see you Ivanka. It’s the blue you see up there in the pictures. It just doesn’t fit right. It looks like it belongs into a baby’s room. I bought it to paint clouds on the boys’ bathroom ceiling and never got around to doing it.
      Doesn’t that sandwich sound so good?

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