So anyway…

Since yesterday afternoon it has been snowing.  It’s not staying because it is too warm at 35 degrees.  Annoying anyway.

Today is the 3rd Tuesday of the month  and it is my turn to host the Euchre game tonight.  We usually have a group of 12 women, give or take a few AND we have loads of fun.  Usually the host doesn’t contribute any food items, but there are some things I want to put out.  One being a cheeseball sort of thing. At the Hospital Auxiliary’s Christmas Ball I bid on and won a basket with kitchen gadgets from Crystal Crate and Cargo in Beulah, which also included some food items.  One of them was some powder that when mixed with cream cheese, makes  a creme brulee’ cheese-ball.  Woohoo!

The usual crowd consists of Mariah who’s in Florida, LuAnn who is working, taking care of an elderly lady.  It will be interesting to see who’s coming in instead of those two.  If Christine from the Tackle Box is back in town, she’ll be here. Of course, Joanne from the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce will attend, she’s the one that puts this all together every month.  We invited Stephanie for the first time but haven’t heard back.

I have to get the house straightened out and picked up – again.  I just don’t know what happens between Saturday, when the house still looks clean and tidy from Cindy’s visit the day before,  and Friday when Cindy comes back again. A tornado hits every Sunday without fail and destroys all of her hard work.
Cindy calls that job security.
For a family gathering quite a few years ago, my mother in law arrived first and every time another family member arrived she’d say “take a good look because you won’t see it this picked up again”  😆
It is getting a little better now that the boys are older.  Now I only have their stuff on the dining room table.  No longer are there Legos every where.  You know what I mean when I say no more Legos (on the floor) is a very good thing. Countless times we’d step on those tiny, hard things. Ouch!

That’s it for now.  Cindy is coming today to help me out, so that I do look like an organized, witty and put together hostess

this would be me or was that my grandmother?this would be me or was that my mother?

5 thoughts on “So anyway…

  1. Christine Tilley

    With every new post, it makes me want to come to Michigan to live. It sounds like everyone is so friendly and hospitable. The area of NJ that I live in, not so much. Sad too because that’s what I think when I think of community. Have fun tonight Iris. BTW what is Euchre?

    • You know Christine, the moment we moved here, we felt welcome. It is extraordinary. Living in California, we never felt at home.
      Euchre is a fun card game that everyone knows how to play in Michigan.
      Google it!
      Come visit me. You know Michigan Martini Madness starts on May 17 😉

  2. Christine Tilley

    I would love to visit you and come to Martini Madness but unfortunately May is a difficult time to break away. Maybe some October. I bet it’s pretty there in the fall. I hope you gals have a blast! Going to Google Euchre now………..:)

  3. You know what, we’ll put on an extra MMM for you, when you have the time. Grab Shannon and come visit me.

  4. Christine Tilley

    You’re a sweetheart and I will plan to do so one day.

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