Dorothy’s Birthday

Frankfort woke up to bright sunshine again this morning.  The weatherman said it would be sunny all weekend. Perfect, we have a few anglers coming to stay with us this weekend for some steel head fishing today and because it is my mother in law Dorothy’s birthday today.  Anyone that has had lunch at Dinghy’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays knows Dorothy.  She has been a waitress there for the last few years.  I want to say 10 years, I have to ask her. There is a tradition in this family to call the birthday person as early in the day as possible without waking anyone. Not before 7 am to be sure!  I forgot until about 10 minutes ago.  She told me I was the last one to call 😦   I’ll try and do better next year.


Dorothy-this must have been some Halloween thing 😉 She won't like it that I posted this one, heehee


Dorothy aka Mom with her husband Fuzz

I did not go for a walk this morning because LuAnn could not walk and I didn’t feel like it.  There is much to do on a Friday here at the Wayfarer.  First of all, Cindy comes on Fridays to clean my house while I clean the cottages. This means that I have to pick up the house so that Cindy doesn’t have to do it and can concentrate on the real task at hand 😉

Cindy, happy to be here - I hopeCindy, happy to be here – I hope

Fishermen on the Frankfort pierFishermen on the Frankfort pier – the steelhead are in. Yumm.

One of my favorite homes in FrankfortOne of my favorite homes in Frankfort

4 thoughts on “Dorothy’s Birthday

  1. Well happy birthday Ms Dorothy! Best wishes for many more! And the countdown has started….one month from today we will be on that wonderful M22 heading to you!

    • Well now, Miss Donut, so good to hear from you. Dorothy thanks you for the birthday wishes, I think. Well she will as soon as she sees your “comment”.
      Yahooooo, I cannot wait to see you two tootses of course it helps to know that beer and balogna are coming as well. Marti is beside herself!!!

  2. I can’t believe you posted that picture of Mom..but the next one of Fuzz and Mom will make up for it. I would love a copy of the one of Fuzz and Mom.

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