Thursday morning

I think it is safe to assume that spring is indeed here now.  The sun comes up shining brightly every day, just like we expect it.
This reminds me of our first spring here in Michigan.  The weather that year was just delicious.
We arrived on March 11, 1995 at the old Traverse City Airport.  All four of us arrived and one (Mike) went back to California on that very same plane that we had arrived in.  Mike had to go back to close up our house in Rohnert Park and give the keys to our realtor and to drive my Bronco with his Grand Prix on a trailer back here.   He finally arrived about 4 days later with our neighbor, very good friend and godfather to the boys, Mark.

Where was I?…
Yes, our first spring in Michigan was, for lack of a better word, amazing in more than one way.  The weather was one, the cottages were another.  It was so fun to own all these little houses.  It was fun to get them ready for guests. Thank goodness the season started of slowly.  In those days we were still open all year but it was of course slow in the colder months.
Poor Mike had the most work and the most awful work to do.  So many things were in disrepair.  There were gas leaks under the cabins which were fixed with duct tape.  He fixed all of that for good.  He spent so many hours under those little houses, I would have been claustrophobic for sure.  He did find some “treasures” under there though, among them old Whisky bottles, lots of them 🙂
Most of the cabins were in bad shape, but worst of all was # 8 . During that first season we didn’t really rent it out unless we had nothing else left – which wasn’t very often.  The carpet left a lot to be desired and it was so very dark inside with all that fake wood paneling, yikes. That has changed a lot, it is now one of the guests’ favorites.

Enough for today, I’ll leave you with some downtown pictures that I took this morning. I paid a little more attention to the little buildings behind the larger houses, the little garages and outbuildings that were converted into cottages. There are some really pretty ones.

Little cottage behind the Carter's houseLittle cottage behind the Carter’s house

Another alley cottageAnother alley cottage

This garage in an alley is bigger than some homesThis garage in an alley is bigger than some homes

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