Today some of us got to eat out

The day started out a bit hectic.  I had to get some rice crispy treats ready for the little guy whom I tutor in elementary school twice a week.  I promised to bring him some last Monday and completely forgot about it.  I felt awful. He is such a nice boy, I couldn’t disappoint him again…
And at noon some of us met at the Fusion
Fusion logo

where we had a birthday lunch for our Chamber of Commerce Director Joanne.  Joanne It was a great lunch; the food was excellent. I am so new at this blogging thing, I should have taken pictures of the food because I ordered a seaweed salad which was served in a Martini glass and not only did it look fantastic, it tasted as  wonderful as it looked. We had a pretty lively table with lots of giggling and a few toasts – some of us drank something stronger than water 😉

After lunch I dashed over to the elementary school and got the biggest hug I have gotten in a long time!!

And now it’s off to cook dinner for my people.  Nothing special – hamburgers

2 thoughts on “Today some of us got to eat out

  1. Ivanka(aka lovemysons)

    A seaweed salad in a martini glass? Now you have definitely piqued my interest.

    Sounds like it was a wonderful day.

  2. Ummmm….yes it was. You need to come up~ Hurry out to Arizona and then get back here quickly 😉

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